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RF2619   (F) Soccer Saturn 6"
RF2618   (M) Soccer Saturn 6"
1PGNP   1 Page News Plaque
GV600   10" Deluxe Gavel W/ BOX
GV139   10" Ebony Premier Set
GV138   10" Rosewood Set
P435   10.5" Standard Gavel
ACH-LG   11" Achievement Award
APT200C-BK   12 Month Black Magnet
No Screwdriver Needed
APT225CBL   12 Month Blue Magnet
No Screwdriver Needed
APT510C-G   12 Month Ebony Gold
APT510C-Silver   12 Month Ebony Silver
RP110E   12 Month Rosewood Premium
Football-Cup   12" Football Cup
VC-MF4519   Male and Female, VC-MF4519">12" Victory
Male and Female
VC-MF4536   12" Victory Action Dance
VC-MF4503   Male and Female, VC-MF4503">12" Victory Basketball
Male and Female
VC-MF4501   Male and Female, VC-MF4501">12" Victory Batter
Male and Female
VC-F841   12" Victory Beauty Queen
VC-F472   Male or Female, VC-F472">12" Victory Billiards
Male or Female
VC-MF4506   12" Victory Cheer
VC-F1650   12" Victory Dart
VC-F1032   12" Victory Deadlift
VC-F1050   12" Victory Drama
VC-MF4530   Male and Female, VC-MF4530">12" Victory Flag Football
Male and Female
VC-MF4510   12" Victory Football
VC-F132   Male and Female, VC-F132">12" Victory Golf
Male and Female
VC-MF4509   Male and Female, VC-MF4509">12" Victory Hockey
Male and Female
VC-F2422   12" Victory Kickbox
VC-MF4540   Male and Female, VC-MF4540">12" Victory Lacrosse
Male and Female
VC-MF4525   12" Victory M Volleyball
VC-F1044   12" Victory Military Press
VC-F865   12" Victory Pinewood Derby
VC-MF4538   Male and Female, VC-MF4538">12" Victory Swimming
Male and Female
VC-F711   12" Victory Tap Dance
VC-MF4520   Male and Female, VC-MF4520">12" Victory Tennis
Male and Female
VC-MF4522   Male and Female, VC-MF4522">12" Victory Track
Male and Female
VC-MF4534   12" Victory Wrestler
ATR101   14" Baseball Motion
ATR104   14" Basketball F Motion
ATR103   14" Basketball M Motion
ATR119   14" F Soccer Motion
ATR110   14" Football Motion
ATR118   14" M Soccer Motion
ATR102   14" Softball Motion
MS654   2 1/4" Church Medal
MS661   2 1/4" Praying Medal
MD1713   2 3/8" Star Medals - Soccer
2PGNP   2 Page Newspaper/Magazine Plaque
XH1002   2 Piece Wine Gift Set
M1202ag   2" Laser Back Medals - Basetball
M-1211   2" Laser Back Medals - Karate
M-1205   2" Laser Back Medals - Wrestling
MD710AG   2" Star Blast - Hockey
MD713AG   2" Star Blast - Soccer
MD714AG   2" Star Blast - Swimming
MD716AG   2" Star Blast - Track
MD718AG   2" Star Blast - Track
MS112   2.75 " Die Cast Academic
MS105   2.75 " Die Cast Cheer
MS108   2.75 " Die Cast F Gymnast
MS106   2.75 " Die Cast Football
MS107   2.75 " Die Cast Golf
MS110   2.75 " Die Cast Hockey
MS111   2.75 " Die Cast Karate
MS109   2.75 " Die Cast M Gymnast
MS113   2.75 " Die Cast Soccer
MS114   2.75 " Die Cast Swimming
MS115   2.75 " Die Cast Tennis
MS116   2.75 " Die Cast Track
MS117   2.75 " Die Cast Volleyball
MS118   2.75 " Die Cast Wrestling
MM62-CST   Full Color Insert
Quick As 2 Days, MM62-CST">2.75" Custom Premium Weight Antique Medals
Full Color Insert
Quick As 2 Days
APT200D-BK   24 Month Black Magnet
No Screwdriver Needed
APT225C-BL   24 Month Magnet Blue
No Screwdriver Needed
GV24   24" XXXXL Gavel
MX2034   3 Muscle Cars
3PGNP   3 Page Newspaper/Magazine Plaque
RDP08   3-D Action Diamond Eagle 5.5"
RDP-10   3-D Action Diamond Football - 5.5"
RDP-17   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP-18   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP-22   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP-31   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP-34   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP03   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP04   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP05   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP06   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP13   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP14   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP16   3-D Action Diamond- 5.5"
RDP01   3-D Baseball
MX2007   3-D Explosion
MX2008   3-D Explosion Basketball F Oval - 6
MX2010   3-D Explosion Bass Oval - 6"
MX2012   3-D Explosion Cheer Oval - 6"
MX-2004   3-D Explosion F Golf Oval - 6"
MX2011   3-D Explosion Flag Football Oval - 6"
MX2009   3-D Explosion Football Oval - 6"
MX-2003   3-D Explosion M Golf Oval - 6"
MX2039   3-D Explosion M Lax Oval - 6"
MX-2015   3-D Explosion Oval - 6"
CRY385   3-D Golf Pillar
RF139A   4th & Goal
3 Sizes
ROP5514   5 Star Academic Oval 6.25"
ROP5519   5 Star F Soccer Oval 6.25"
ROP5518   5 Star M Soccer Oval 6.25"
ROP5531   5 Star Music Oval 6.25"
ROP5534   5 Star Wrestling Oval
DCM6995   5K
RST805   8 Ball
M702   8 Star Baseball
M703   8 Star Basketball
MD710AB   8 Star Hockey
M712   8 Star Lamp
MD-713AG   8 Star Soccer
MD-714AG   8 Star Swimming
MD-716AG   8 Star Track
MD-718AG   8 Star Wrestling
GV135   8" Ladies Rosewood Set
P430   8" Standard Ladies Gavel
LC21   Abbington
STS02A   Above the Rim Series
DTC50-C   Abruzzi Series
MS300AG   Academic Excellence
RFL14-B   Academic Flame
FB-F2342   Achievement
DT758   Acrylic Art Sand
DT757   Acrylic Art Wind
RFB805   Action Al American Eagle
RF2631   Action Baseball Saturn 6"
RF2633   Action Hoops Saturn 6"
RF2638   Action Soccer Saturn 6"
AMC204   Adelphi Logo Cup
CRY623   Adelphi Oval Series
AMC203K   Admiral Black Series
AMC203B   Admiral Blue Series
AMC203R   Admiral Red Series
DTC44-C   Alberto Gold Series
DTC45-C   Alberto Silver Series
CRY110   Alexandria Series
MF3260-MY485   All Star FFL Insert
AGS21   Amber Twist
RFB151   American Eagle Head
AE-Series   American Eagle Series
3 Sizes
RFB154   American Hero Glass - Fire
RFB153   American Hero Glass - Police
AMC200-B   American Logo Series
WP-236E   American Tribute Justice
WP-226   American Tribute Police
AMC76-C   Americana Series
AMC21-C   Apollo Series
AMC1-F3391   Appleton Series Ballet
3 Sizes
AMC1-F1450   Appleton Series Bass
3 Sizes
AMC1-F841   Appleton Series Beauty Queen
3 Sizes
AMC1-F472   Appleton Series Billiards
Male of Female
3 Sizes
AMC1-F792   Appleton Series Bowling
Male or Female
3 Sizes
AMC1-F1282   Appleton Series Chef
3 Sizes
AMC1-F4130   Appleton Series Chicken
3 Sizes
AMC1-F4836   Appleton Series Cow
3 Sizes
AMC1-F520   Appleton Series Dance
3 Sizes
AMC1-F1650   Appleton Series Dart
3 Sizes
AMC1-F1050   Appleton Series Drama
3 Sizes
AMC1-F1220   Appleton Series Dress Fireman
3 Sizes
AMC1-F1230   Appleton Series Fire Engine
3 Sizes
AMC1-F962   Appleton Series Firefighter
3 Sizes
AMC1-F772   Appleton Series Fisherman
3 Sizes
AMC1-F132   Appleton Series Golf
Male or Female
3 Sizes
AMC1-F4022   Appleton Series Hoops
3 Sizes
Male and Female
AMC1-F454   Appleton Series Karate
Male or Female
3 Sizes
AMC1-F1710   Appleton Series Marlin
3 Sizes
AMC1-F865   Appleton Series Pinewood Derby II
3 Sizes
AMC1-F860   Appleton Series Pinewood Derby
3 Sizes
AMC1-F2032   Appleton Series Pistol
3 Sizes
AMC1-F1693   Appleton Series Rifle
3 Sizes
AMC1-F408   Appleton Series Soccer
Male or Female
3 Sizes
AMC1-MF4518   Appleton Series Soccer
Male or Female
3 Sizes
AMC1-F980   Appleton Series Spelling Bee
3 Sizes
AMC1-F4840   Appleton Series Steer
3 Sizes
AMC1-F711   Appleton Series Tap
3 Sizes
AMC1-F124   Appleton Series Tennis
3 Sizes
AMC1-F4240   Appleton Series Tractor
3 Sizes
AMC1-F2352   Appleton Series Trap Shooter
3 Sizes
AMC1-F460   Appleton Series Trout
3 Sizes
AMC1-F1882   Appleton Series Tug O War
3 Sizes
AMC1-F251B   Appleton Series Victory
3 Sizes
AMC1-MF4534   Appleton Series Wrestling
3 Sizes
AMC1-F2062   Appleton Series
Male and Female
3 Sizes
DT1342B   Aqua Billboard Series
GLSC8   Aqua Cyclone
DT1341A   Aqua Peak Series
GLSC33   Aqua Water Series
CRY498   Arc Blue Billboard Series
CRY464   Arc Blue Oval Series
70052Z-B   Arm Chair Fantasy Football
MS301AG   Art
RF2800   Art Curve 5.5"
GLSC45   Art Purple Drop 7"
SSR24   Art Star 6.25"

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Paul with Same Day Awards in Connecticut

About Same Day Awards

Same Day Awards is based out of Connecticut and founded by Paul Mazzaferro with 18 years awards experience as an owner and awards innovator. He developed the concept of true, Same Day Awards, with next day delivery and has executed it to perfection without ever missing a deadline. From our CT location, we ship awards in a matter of hours that many other firms would take up to 7-14 days to deliver.

Our Philosophy:

  • Doing business by the GOLDEN RULE and treating people how we want to be treated
  • We don’t sell anything we would not be proud to receive (the internet is loaded with award companies with fancy pictures and when the order arrives there is disappointment)
  • You will ALWAYS talk to a person automation

How Same Day does it:

  • Short Supply Chain - We are 1 mile from the world’s largest awards firm, located in CT, so we have a huge inventory at our fingertips that we never pay shipping to get and we pass that onto you
  • Superior Engraving Technology allows us to be faster
  • Same Day Service Inventory is deep
  • We are in Connecticut and shipping in state or to RI, MA, and NY is quick. Next day delivery for trophies is available.
  • A Same Day Awards representative will handle your custom order from beginning to end. We keep you in the loop, providing you options, proofs, pictures of completed products and finally a tracking number. (nothing is left to chance)

Our Promise:

As the CEO of Same Day Awards I promise to produce an award that you will be proud to give or to receive. We take seriously the responsibility of honoring your awardees and that is reflected in the craftsmanship and quality of the awards we sell. We promise to give you the most award or trophy for your money.

More about Same Day Awards