About us

With over 20+ years brick and mortar awards experience Paul Mazzaferro noticed more and more of his clients waited until the last minute to order their awards. He also realized that his business was the “go to” awards place RUSH orders. What if he could deliver all his awards FAST with the same attention to detail and quality?

In 2013 www.samedayawards.com and www.orderfastawards.com were born. To bring awards to your desk in as little as 24 hours and 95% of all orders shipping within 24 hours. Simply put we say YES when others can not help. Please read our reviews to see how we have bailed people out of almost impossible circumstances and have built loyalty along the way.

How Can We do it?

  • Less than 5 minutes from worlds largest supplier for "AT ONCE" inventory
  • No upfront freight charge so we keep our prices low
  • Latest technology to engrave fast and accurate
  • Employees who care and can deliver your vision
  • Ability to drop ship from 31 warehouses in the US from our Supplier direct to you and we just ship the plates to attach (saves time and money)

How we do business?

  • By the Golden Rule
  • We treat people like we would want to be treated
  • You talk to a person every step in the process until you are pleased
  • We are often referred to as “the hardest workers” in the awards business doing in hours that takes others a week